Guideline & Tips For Employment Visa of Any Gulf Country

Visa PictureMany of the Pakistani citizens went to Gulf countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman to make their careers. There are many multinational and companies working in the gulf countries, who offer salaries and other benefits much higher than given in Pakistan. Every year, millions of Pakistani and other national citizens go there to find jobs of their desire and can also get that very easily. There are many Pakistani citizens who are willing to go to gulf countries but due to lack of information and guidance, they are unable to do so. Here we describe some important guidelines and tips for getting an employment visa of any gulf country.

Important Note:

If you are applying for a visa of any gulf country, you must check your information mentioned on your CNIC, Degrees, Passport and other documents before you start the procedure. All the information must be same on all the documents including spelling mistakes and printing errors. If you find some errors and mistakes, first correct it from concerned authority and then start further process.

Important Documents

  • Latest Passport size pictures are required in red, blue or white backgrounds.
  • At least 3 copies of your degrees and other academic documents are required.
  • Always keep your Passport, CNIC and degree with you for all the procedure.
  • Get new copies of your documents of both the sides after attestation from HEC.
  • Again get new copies of your documents of both the sides after attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The Stamp of HEC is valid for only 6 months, if it gets older renew it for Free from HEC.

Verification Of Degrees

If you are applying for an employment visa in any gulf country, you must have to verify your educational degrees from the following authorities.

  • Higher Education Commission or HEC.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Embassy of any gulf country.

Verification of Degree From Higher Education Commission

  • First of all, go to HEC website to confirm whether your university is recognized or not by here
  • Carefully read the important guidelines for degree attestation given on the HEC website
  • Get the online appointment for the attestation on your degree
  • You must have to go at HEC office personally to attest your degree.
  • After applying online, now go to any OCS courier outlet and give them your degrees with the total amount of Rs.1020, RS.800 for HEC degree verification charges and Rs.220 for OCS charges.
  • OCS will take normally 9 to 11 days to courier your documents at HEC.
  • After this step, go to HEC office at the given date or time and get the verification.

Verification From Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • For having the verification of your degrees, don’t waste your time to go to Ministry Headquarter in Islamabad, Find the nearest camp office situated in your city if you are not living in Islamabad.
  • Go to Ministry’s camp office before 12 noon and deposit Rs.50 as fee for verification.
  • After submitting your degrees for verification, collect them within 4 to 5 hours because they will take at least 4 hours for this process.
  • If you are unable to go personally at Ministry headquarter or camp office, just go to UPS or OCS courier and handover your degrees to them for verification, they will charge some extra amount and verify within 7 days.

Verification From Embassy

  • Go to Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad for the verification of your degree from the concerned embassy because all the embassies are based there.
  • In order to avoid painful procedure to go personally at Diplomatic Enclave, Just go to SASHA’s office in Islamabad and handover your degrees to them for verification.
  • They will do it themselves but charge extra amount of $60.
  • Keep it in your mind that they will charge more money if you will pay in Rupees, so try to pay them in Dollars.
  • Sasha International will verify your degrees from the concerned embassy within 1 to 2 days.

Medical Examination

If you had completed all the above procedure and you are ready to go abroad, you must have to clear these medical examinations from any reputed laboratory by simply giving your blood.

  • Complete Blood Picture.
  • X Ray of lungs for symptoms of Tuberculosis or TB.
  • Hepatitis of all the types.
  • Other tests required by the consulate or employer.

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