Find Qibla Direction For Prayer Anywhere In The World

Qibla DirectionPrayer or Namaz is the basic fundamental of Islam and every Muslim has to offer Namaz five times in a day in order to thank God (Allah) for His blessings. Every Muslim in the world, whether poor or rich has to pray five times a day by facing towards Kaaba, the home of Allah which is also called Qibla,. In this whole world, there are many places where Muslims cannot find the direction of Qibla for offering Namaz. So here we are defining the simple and easy methods to find Qibla direction to offer Prayer or Namaz anywhere in the world.

First of all, you should have to know your country’s direction that where it exist. If your country lies in North of Makkah, obviously the Qibla will be in the South direction. Muslims normally thinks that Qibla direction lies in the East direction everywhere but in fact Qibla direction is totally depends upon the direction of a particular country or place. So after verifying the direction of your particular country, you can use these procedures to find Qibla direction.

First Procedure by Using Sun:

The basic fact which almost everyone in the world knows is that Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This procedure is being used by the people from early Stone Age from which they can easily find the directions by the movement of sun.

Second Procedure by Using Watch:

Although there are many watches specially introduced for the Muslims with an extra function of Qibla direction, but you can also find it from ordinary watches. If you are in the North, take your clock horizontally and keep the hour hand facing the sun. The middle point between the hour hand and 12 o’ clock is the south. But if you are in the South, point 12 o’ clock in the watch towards sun and spot the midway point between hour hand and that, which is north.

Third Procedure by Using Compass:

There are many types of Qibla compasses which are easily available in the markets. You can place it on a flat surface and after few seconds, it will define the directions. Although this is not a reliable way but gives far better idea about the direction.

Fourth Procedure by Using Modern Technology:

In this modern age of science and technology, there are many ways to find the Qibla direction. You can determine the Qibla direction easily from android, iphone and ipad by using GPS tool. The exact coordinates of Qibla are 21°25’21.15”N 39°49’34.1”E. You can also download Qibla app on iphone or ipad.


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