Govt, Releases Rs 400M For Repatriation Of Pakistanis From Libya

Isjaq darFinance Minister Ishaq Dar led a meeting for provision of essential funds for instant evacuation of trapped Pakistanis from Libya. Mr. Tariq Fatmi informed the members that civil war is taking place in Libya and parts of the country are being run by militiamen and warlords. He pointed out that there is a serious situation for the safety measures and safety of Pakistanis and the Prime Minister had before focussed Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making sure their repatriation. He said that 730 Pakistanis have been exiled so far by PIA from Libya. He informed that there are 2500 Pakistanis in the camp set up by the delegation of Pakistan in Tripoli and another 3200 Pakistanis recorded with the Embassy and waiting for departure. Embassy is provided that food necessary to the people in camps.

Mohammad Ali Gardezi informed that due to Hajj flights commencing from 28th August, it cannot be possible for PIA to extra suitable planes for evacuation. in addition, he informed that under the conditions, it is not possible financially and logistically for PIA to control flight of 5700 stranded Pakistanis. The cost of PIA approaches to US $ 1200 per person.

The Finance Minister said that it is the ethical responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to obtain immediate steps for migration of stranded Pakistanis in Libya.  All necessary means have to be adopted in this view.  He said that under the current circumstances the option recommended by the Embassy to connect with local airline, which has decided to leave each person for US $ 1000 seems to be the only available choice. The Finance Minister approved, in discussion with the Prime Minister, immediate release of Rs. 400 for repatriation of 5700 Pakistanis Million to the Embassy of Pakistan from Libya.

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