Punjab Police E-Complaint Service for Overseas Pakistanis

E-ComplaintThe Punjab Police recently launched E-Complaint service for overseas Pakistanis. The person who needs to file the complaint has to select the complaint category from the given extensive list of complaints. The complaint category ranges from FIR Registration to cancellation of FIR along with complaints related with Kidnapping, Possession of Property, and Threats to Family in Pakistan, Corruption, Family claim and action against Police official.

After selecting the complaint category from the extensive list the filer needs to enter the description of the problem and complaint. It is also a mandatory requirement for the filler to enter his/her name along National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis number or The computerized National Identity Card number. Whereas a scanned copy of the NICOP or CNIC also needs to be uploaded when filing the complaint. Other essentials which include Father’s Name/Husband’s Name also needed to be entered along with the Address, Phone number, Cell phone number and Email Address.

Further the filer needs to name a local representative as a nominee providing his/her name along with CNIC number and other basic essentials. A simple image verification is needed before submitting the complaint. E-Complaints service can be accessed on the Punjab Police Website from here.

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