Pakistani Kid Wins The Honor of Youngest PowerPoint Specialist in World

HumzaA young Pakistani child who is living in UK has won the honor of being the youngest Microsoft PowerPoint professional as he passes the professional examination at the mere age of six years. The young hero has won the record of being the youngest person ever who cleared the examination. The young hero Humza managed to pass the examination with a decent score of 850 out of 1000. Humza took the examination in the UK at the London Microsoft Institute.

Humza took the examination for other Microsoft certifications in the Institute at London as well. Humza cleared the examination easily as he surpassed the minimum requirement of marks which was 700 marks out of 1000. The interesting fact about this achievement is that Humza prepared for the examinations himself. His Father explained that Humza uses hand-on approach to learn Microsoft Applications and the new format of examination is more related to problem solving which is a practical approach towards the subject, this new way makes learning even more fun.

The examination requires that the candidate to have knowledge regarding the features of PowerPoint which include creating and managing presentations, managing multiple presentations, inserting and formatting shapes along with sliders, also includes creating the content of the slide and applying transitions plus animations. The breakdown of Humza’s marks points at this picture ‘He scored 100% in managing multiple presentations and 100% in applying the transitions along with animations as well. He scored 90% in creation and management of presentations. Humza got 67% in slide’s content creation. He scored 50% in the section which covered inserting and formatting of shapes and sliders. Overall Humza Scored 85% in the whole examination of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Humza’s Father explained his routine and told that working on Microsoft Applications along with playing games is part of his routine as well. His Father said that I haven’t taught him for the examination he himself learns everything as he keeps on using the applications and keep on learning everything by himself by interacting with the features and playing with the applications. His Father while talking about the examination system said that this new system which doesn’t requires memorizing matter of the subject but requires hands-on approach to the subject along with practical learning. The young Pakistani Hero Humza aims to create a silicon valley in the United Kingdom.

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