Explosive Detecting Instruments In Pakistan Are Fake

explosive detectionLondon: Investigations are underway on the case of the recent attack on the Karachi airport, as investigators try to determine how the terrorists were able to gain access to a sensitive area like the Karachi airport. One of the findings suggest that the security personnel have been equipped with fake explosive detecting equipment that was useless in detecting the heavy explosives brought into the airport facility by the terrorists.

Similar to several third world countries, Pakistan is also using ADE651 equipment to detect explosives. This equipment has been deemed as fake and is completely useless in detecting explosives or for that matter, anything else. The inventor of this equipment, British citizen Mac Cormac has also been prosecuted for fraud and various international agencies have also termed this instrument as fake and useless. This instrument has been prohibited from usage in the security field.

It is distressing to see that the Pakistani security personnel are still relying on this fake instrument at such a sensitive location and they have admitted on using an instrument similar to the ADE651, but still there is no concern about this instrument’s ineffectiveness.

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