New Kind of Tourism Unveiling in Turkey For Hair Transplantation

TurkeyTurkey is gaining popularity for medical tourism from last few years. The new trend is, getting around in Istanbul along with going for hair transplantation. A huge number of visitors from around the world are visiting Istanbul to enjoy the two in one deal. This helps the medical industry along with the tourism industry to grow. The tourism industry brings about $7 billion revenue for the country and specifically half a billion Dollar is brought by the hair transplantation. Thousands of men visit Turkey for this purpose and many are seen every now and then with specific hairbands on their heads.

Turkey is considered to be the cheapest as compared to other European countries and USA for hair transplantation. The technology and method which is used for hair transplantation in Turkey is considered very efficient and affordable for those who undergo the five hour long surgery. Turkey already attracts huge number of patients for diagnosis of disease which are related to Cardiology, Optometry and vitro fertilization. The government also supports the local clinics for promoting their clinics in other foreign countries. The surgery involves the procedure of implanting around 4000 hairs on the bald area of scalp.

Social Media plays a big role in changing the thinking of men and changing the way men treat themselves. Some argue that now a days men tend to opt feminine nature in regards to taking care of themselves. Many of the men also now regularly go for waxing and other services which include facial masks, face treatments. The new trends are also reason that men are focusing more on their personal hygiene and related matters. Turkey is considered to have high quality and low cost medical facilities. The advancement in technology has made Turkey even more competitive as compared to the US and Europe in field of health and medical sciences. Medical services in Turkey have gained prestige due to their high quality and affordability. Ease of access to Turkey is also among the contributing factors. According to an expert patients from around 129 countries visit Turkey annually. The private clinic offer high quality services to all the foreign patients. Another major reason of huge influx to Turkey are the other attractions which include historic places and natural beauties. Cultural heritage of Istanbul is also among top attractions. Sightseeing tours along with exploring Turkey also provide tourists with a wonderful experience.

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