New Borns On Sale In America

new bornsSupporters of Human Rights, the United States of America, are involved in the selling of new born babies. According to the reports, unmarried mothers, are selling their children before they are even born. Couples interested in purchasing new born babies are all coming to United States of America to get a new born baby. Countries like China and others are involved in the purchase of new born babies.

According to details, unmarried mothers are ready to sell their unborn child for 1 lac 20 thousand dollars. This inhumane trade has been taking place since 2012 and according to statistics; there has been a sharp increase in the trade of new borns within a year after 2012 by 10%. The rate of pregnancy in China is 5 to 12%, while 3% of the people are rendered infertile before reaching their 20s.

About more than 30 thousand children are sold to childless local and foreign couples. According to reports, there is a huge network functioning in America who facilitates couples in renting a woman who would bare their child. Women who are ready to bare someone else’s child usually belong to low income areas.

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