Dead Donkey Meat Supplied In Cities Of Pakistan

dead donkey meatChiniot:  A recent astonishing revelation has been made about the selling of dead donkeys as meat and mutton in the cities. According to reports, two brothers of Pinsera have been involved in selling dead donkeys as meat in the cities. These brothers search for dead animals and then take the carcasses of these dead animals on pretence of removing their skins. Instead they chop the dead animals and then supply their flesh as meat.

These two brothers are stationed in a secluded area bordering the bridge of Dilo Wala. The two brothers were apparently engaged in their heinous act, when the media people bombarded their location with cameras and caught the brothers in the act of removing the skin of the dead animals. The two brothers, Gulzar and Qasim were equipped with all the tools required to make meat.

Incidents like these are on the rise. A hotel in Sargodha was also caught for using donkey meat. This hotel was also supplied dead donkey meat and these hotels have also been involved in this heinous crime. People are shocked at the heartless act of these criminals, who are playing with the trust of the people and supplying them meat, which is Haram in the justification of Islam. The media were able to expose these criminals and provoked the authorities to take action.

The hotel was raided by police and about 5 people were arrested. But the main culprit is still at large. The Haram meat was disposed. The commissioner Abdullah Khurram stated that he was informed about the selling of Haram meat in the hotels of Sargodha. The authorities took action and were able to extract all the donkey meat from the market. The SHO of factory area said that the people involved in this crime belonged to a specific tribe who would prepare donkey meat and sell it in cities.

Crimes like these often go unchecked due to the lack of concern shown by the authorities. It is shameful to see that people have stooped so slow in their moral values that they are ready to sell their beliefs for just a few rupees.

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