Quality Stage Dramas No More in Pakistan

After the separation of India in 1947 a new literature of Pakistan came into being. That is Urdu was kept as the general state language. Although there were many people of different culture and languages. In the beginning the plays or stage dramas were based on independence and violence that was done by the Sikhs and Hindus on the Muslim community. However as time passed stories of these dramas were changed into many different types.

Among the most famous of the stage drama artists are Saadat Hassan Manto, Umar Sharif and the legend Moin Akhter. Saadat was the most significant writer in Urdu language of 20th century. He wrote on socioeconomic injustice, outlaws of society and colonial south Asia. He also wrote on topics of hypocrisy of south Asian male, prostitution, love, sex and incest. He also wrote on events of partition. Most of his writings were also selected for state dramas.

Umer Sharif turned out to be the most famous stage actor in the late 1980s. his most fmous plays were Bakra Qisoon pay and Budha Ghar Pe Hy. He played these comidy dramas with another legend Moin Akhter.

Moin Akhter was born in Karachi. He was a very energetic and multitalented actor. On the celebration show for first defense day of Pakistan on 6 September 1966 he entered the world of television. Later on he mad a team with Bushra Ansari and Anwar Maqsood. His fluency was in many languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Memon, Guajarati, Urdu, English and Pashto.

As today Pakistan’s drama industry has gone too low due to the introduction of international dramas like the Turkish drama Ask-i-Memnu, Fariha and Mera sultan which are the most viewed dramas by the audience of Pakistan. Earlier before the introduction of Turkish drams it was Indian dramas that took place like Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu The.

To regain its lost status Pakistani drama industry should take steps, as it now has to compete with international dramas. They should put out new ideas with more better stories and performances.

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