Daihatsu Mira Manual Car Petrol Mileage (Consumption) in Pakistan

Is 8 km per litre a good fuel average for a manual Mira 2008 within city on AC? If not what should be done to improve mileage?

I have Mira 2012 touches 18 and that is auto, u should get more than this. Right now fuel is not coming as pure as it was 2 months ago, make sure to fill your tank up from a good reputable petrol station, most of them are mixing kerosene oil, in order to increase their profits, but u are paying premium price for RON 92 (standard oil) and getting crap that will ruin your engine, your economy. The initials signs are knocking noise from engine upon accelerating.

Due to some mechanical fault in my car your Mira is not giving good fuel average.

Ideally it should be 4.5 to 5 rupees per litre in Pakistan.

660 cc cars usually give around 16 in city… Get ur oxygen sensor checked.

It should be 12/ltr minimum. Get your car check from any expert in Karachi.

My Move 2014 gives 13.5 km/l in city with AC.

I bought Move for 1 million in February 2016. Now its between 11 – 12. It has same engine as Mira e:s i.e KF-VE. The only difference is the body weight, Move is heavier than Mira. Thanks.

My Corolla 1300 cc gives 11-12.5 km /litre petrol.

Mira gives around 14 old model such as yours. Must be tuning issue. One the sensor may not be working properly due to which fuel consumption has increased.

Mira 2007 and 2008 give around 10 to 11 per litre with AC.
And unfortunately this is too low according to 660cc. But that mira isn’t around 12 lacs. The 12 lacs mira is eco idle. That gives 16 per litre with air conditioner in any case. Without AC 18 per litre.

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