Women Workers Abused in UAE

Many Asian and African women working as local workers in the United Arab Emirates state. Their employers bash them with sticks or cables, slapped and punched them, and there’s small they would perform because they’re barred from the country’s labor law guards. The mistreatment complaints are out of control throughout the rich Persian Gulf region that relies on foreign labor. The Human Rights observe and say the problem is that the immigrant workers’ residency is attached to their employers through a sponsorship system that forbids them simply altering jobs.

It quoted passport taking away, non-payment of wages, extreme work, forced imprisonment, lack of food and mentally, physical and sexual mistreatment. Human Rights Watch described for a revoke or alter to the UAE visa sponsorship system that provide employers manage over domestic workers’ migration status, freedom of association and freedom to finish employment. It advised the workers’ home countries to get better collaboration with the UAE on mistake of the employment process, validity of contracts and determine legal cases.

Women Workers Abused in UAE

Philippine Labor Secretary said her country has blocked giving out contracts for local helpers bound for UAE, because the UAE won’t let Filipino labor officials verify contracts. She said the Department of Foreign Affairs can take the lead in two-sided statements to alter the visa sponsorship system. Including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have also have disapproval over their action of immigrant workers.


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