No-Confidence Vote, Members Of The Ships

shipsLibya’s government seems to think that members of parliament have rented a ship. The purpose of this interim rent ships against MPs before no confidence vote to host a ‘floating hotels’ have to work. Recently the ships were seen near the port of Tobruk, Libya newspaper reported, but the politicians have refused to move.  However, According to reports in the media that other guest’s ships confidence will be held during the operation.

The head of the parliamentary committee on Libya settlement Faraj Najam said that a special floating hotel ship which will be held parliamentary assistants and journalists. He also said that deputies will be held at the Hotel Dar es Salaam to Tobruk ships and renting ships in Benghazi because that option is not available for all hotels. Libya’s temporary government was formed in May. The country’s former ruler Muammar Gaddafi to power in 2011 after the collapse of political instability in the country is rife.

Libya has overcome in a rising tide of violence, during which a number of other armed groups are engaged with each other to gain supremacy.

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