PIA Air-Hostess Was Detained At The London Due To Expired Passport

PIAondon: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) air-hostess was detained at the London Airport today (Sunday) for traveling on an expired passport. The air-hostess would be expelled from London by the first available flight. In Islamabad, passengers’ got complaints against poor facilities like food. And in Karachi, an airline hardly was able to keep away from catching fired. PIA flight PK-785 reached in London from Islamabad. Air-hostess Shazia Rehman was detained by British Aviation with an expired passport. She would be sent back to Pakistan from the first available flight.

According to sources, it was surprising that the passport wasn’t made sure at the Islamabad Airport. British Aviation also fined the air-hostess 2000 pounds. PIA staff was provided a caution by the British Aviation for not examination the passport in Islamabad. On the other hand, ending food was given in PK-702 that was going from Islamabad to Manchester. Passengers evidence their protest for this food.

In Karachi, pull master was pulled a PIA jet to terminal building when the plane took fire due to short-circuit. However, pull master sustained pulling the plane despite the risk of whole plane was fired. Civil Aviation’s fire-brigade got 20 minutes to reach the plane and put out the fire. So, PIA flight hardly ran away from fired.

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