20 grams of Different Dry Fruits Enough for a Day

Dry FruitsJust at the time when winter season starts, people from all over the world uses dry fruits to provide some heat to their body. Despite of this benefit, dry fruits have many other benefits as well and different dry fruits are used to cure various diseases. Although health experts suggest different dry fruits to the patients of different diseases, but they also suggest that the quantity of these dry fruits should be up to 20 grams. Experts suggest that one should use 20 grams or handful of them.

Following are some dry fruits with their benefits and quantity suggested for daily use:


Almond is said to be a king of dry fruits because of its taste and benefits. Almond is beneficial for stomach and eyes and it should be used with an empty stomach. 20 almonds are enough for daily use.


Vitamins present in walnuts not only makes muscles strong, but also makes metabolism faster. Eating many walnuts daily can also cause cough and throat infection. Don’t eat raisins with walnuts because it is not good for health.


Chilgoza is beneficial for stomach and liver because it does not contains cholesterol. Always remember that eating more than 20 grams chilgoza a day can cause pain in the body.


Peanuts are also favourite dry fruit of many people and it is also beneficial for several diseases. Don’t drink water just after eating peanuts because it causes cough.

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