How to Check SIMs Owner Name Against CNIC? Simple Method


Do you know how you can check SIMs issued on your CNIC number? Or how to check the SIM owner name or ownership details and information of a particular SIM of Telenor, Zong, Jazz, Ufone or Warid?

The first step should be checking how many mobile SIMs are issued on your Computerized National Identity Card. To check this simply write your ID card number in a message and send it to 668, within few second you will receive the details about how many SIMs are registered in which cellular network.

The other step requires sending your CNIC number to specific codes for each mobile network and you will receive the details that how many numbers and registered on your CNIC number and what are those mobile number. The codes are as follows:

Zong: Type V in text message and send to 7911
Mobilink (Jazz): Send your CNIC (without Dashes) to 6001 (free)
Warid: Send your CNIC (without dashes) to 789 (free)
Telenor: Send your CNIC (without Dashes) to 7751 (Free)
Ufone: Dial *336*1# (free)

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Through these steps if you find out that a SIM is registered on your CNIC number which doesn’t belong to you or have been lost then contact the helpline of the network or visit the nearest franchise or customer care to block that number.

Previously many people received SIM without proper verification or biometric verification. During these years many people registered their number on someone else CNIC number. Due to security problems later issuance of SIM became possible only after biometric verification.

Pakistan Telecommunication Network (PTA) also launched the PMD SIM Information System through which you can also check how many SIMs are issued on your CNIC.

The procedure and method is same, just visit the official portal of PMD and write your CNIC number without any dash and submit it. A chart will be shown on your screen about how many voice SIMs are issued on each network, Data SIMs issued on your name and the total number of SIMs.

For further details contact your network providers at the following phone numbers or help lines:

Ufone: 111-333-100
Mobilink: 111-300-300 and 111
Zong: 111-222-111 and 310
Telenor: 111-345-100 and 345
Warid: 111-111-321 and 321

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) allows 5 Voice SIMs and 3 data SIMs registration which means that any person with a valid CNIC can obtain 8 SIMs.


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