Stop Receiving Candy Crush Notification Now

game candy crushHere is the good news for all the Facebook lovers who get annoy to receive Candy Crush notifications as they can now get rid from Candy Crush notifications in a very easy way. As Candy Crush has become most famous game on Facebook as large number of Facebook users love to play this game, however they need sent requests to their friends in order to get lives, more moves and tickets for the next level to play.

Similarly, those Facebook users who are not used to play Candy Crush get disturb by its notifications. However anyone can stop receiving Candy Crush notifications in the following steps on Facebook:

  1. Browse Facebook
  2. Log in to your account by submitting your email id and password
  3. Click on the right corner toolbar on the top of the Facebook
  4. You will see a list of several options after clicking at the toolbar
  5. Click on setting option which will bring you on the General Account Settings page
  6. Go to App setting and you will see App settings
  7. Now you can make settings of those app which have integrated with your Facebook account
  8. Go to the setting option of Candy Crush App and off notifications

Click on the link for direct access to the settings:

Blocking from Facebook’s Website

Step No: 1

step no 1

Step No:2

Step no 2

Step No: 3

Step no 3

Step No: 4

Step no 4

Step No 5:

step no 5

Step No 6:

Step no 6

Step No 7:

Step no 7


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