Chattar Plain Weather, Location & Beautiful Pictures

In recent years growth have been observed in tourism industry of Pakistan but still there are many places which are known by very few people. Chattar Plain is another such point which despite amazing weather and accessibility is not explored by many people.

If you want to be away from these famous tourists spots where thousands of people flock each year then there are multiple places in Siren and Konsh Valley which can attract you.

Some of these points are accessible by car including Chattar plain while more beautiful places such as Chor Meadows & Paleji Meadows are accessible after trekking and hiking for many hours.


Chattar Plain is one of the few places which look beautiful no matter in which weather or season you visit it.

During summer the lush green forest, the rain and the snow covered peaks make it a beautiful place.

The veiw of sunset from this location is one of the things which you should not miss.

These pictures and photographs reflect the beauty of this small and unknown place in Pakistan.

During snow fall the plain becomes more beautiful with the whole area covered with snow. This is why travelers and tourists not only from nearby towns but also from other cities visit this beautiful place.

Location & Map:

It is located on Karakoram Highway N-35 between Battagram and Mansehra city.

It is situated on just 50 kilometers distance from Mansehra city which takes around 1.5 hours to reach the beautiful view point which is referred as Chattar Plain View. From Abbottabad it takes around 2 hours to reach Chattar.

But this whole journey is full with amazing sites, beautiful towns, villages and much more. For most of the journey thick forest covers the road which gives a mesmerizing view through the journey.

This reflects the beautiful diversity of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which can become the biggest tourist location after Azad Kashmir and Gilgit.

Check this Google Map to know the exact location of the place:


There are many hotels, restaurants and guest houses near Chattar but one of the most famous is called  Green Hotel Sharkool Chattar Plain.

The beautiful spot on which the hotel is located makes it the best place to stay for some time and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

The rent rates and prices will differ depending on the weather but is usually far below than other places such as Naran or Gilgit.

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