Kainat Travels Karachi Fares, Ticket Price, Contact Number & Terminal

Kainat Travels fleet

Kainat Travels is a luxurious transportation service which provides passenger service to different cities such as From Karachi to Rawalpindi & Lahore at affordable ticket price through an expanding network of terminal and offices.

They started their business in 1995 and followed the example of gradual expansion. It helped them not only to maintain their service but even enhance the comfortability of customers while other compromised on it.

Ticket Price:

The fares and ticket prices may differ even for the same route because Kainat Travels provides multiple options for passenger. Such as from Karachi to Islamabad you will find two services which will cost Rs. 3500 and Rs. 3100 respectively.

The ticket fare for different cities from Karachi is as follows:

Karachi Faisalabad Rs. 3250
Karachi Mianwali Rs. 2800
Karachi Multan Rs. 2400
Karachi Rawalpindi Rs. 3100
Karachi Islamabad Rs. 3100
Karachi Rikhi Rs. 2900
Karachi Talagang Rs. 3100
Karachi Tarhada Rs. 3000

Kainat Travels fleet consists of Yutong Executive Bus and Daewoo Luxury Bus. The Yutong Buses are more comfortable and luxurious and the service also includes free meals while in Daewoo Service passengers will only be served with snacks and cold drinks.

Online Booking:

If you have planned a trip from Karachi to Mianwali, Faisalabad or any other city you can book your tickets instantly through the online booking facility of Kainat Travels.

1) Visit Official website of Kainat Travels and click on ‘Make a Booking’
2) Select Location, Destination & Departure Date
3) Select the bus and service
4) Choose your seats
5) Provide your information including name, CNIC & phone number
6) Continue for payment

After successful payment you will receive confirmation message as your eticket. Passengers can also download the mobile app of Kainat Travels through which they can book their tickets.

Facilities of Kainat Travels:

Kainat Travel believes in providing all facilities to passengers which include:

  • Movies & Entertainment
  • Mobile Charging
  • Meal
  • Free Wi-Fi

The new Yutong buses are designed in a way that it provides extra leg space for passengers to make the travel experience more comfortable.


The offices and Bus terminals of Kainat Travels are located in two areas of Karachi. The main terminal is located in the New Bus Stand on Super Highway while the second office is in Saddar.

Main Terminal:
Address: Al-Asif New Karachi Bus Terminal, Sector 1 B Gulzar E Hijri Scheme 33, Karachi
Phone Number: 0311-1777333

Saddar Terminal:
Address: Taj Medical Complex, Central Jacob Lines, Saddar, MA Jinnah Road, Karachi
Phone Number: 0310-8886236

So if you want to travel from Karachi to any city in a comfortable and luxurious bus then Kainat Travels is one of the best options. Other services include Bilal Travels and Faisal Movers.

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