Afghanistan Visa Application Process & Requirements For Pakistanis

Before applying visa by application for Afghanistan you have to consider some requirement. It is true that, getting visa of any country is not easy process same as Afghanistan put some rules and regulation.

If you’re Pakistani and you want to go Afghanistan, must see the detail below and follow the instructions and  fill the form according to requirement and send it to relevant person or consulate office.

Types of Visa and its requirements

General visa requirements:

According to law of Islamic Republic Afghanistan, application for any visa to follow the some interactions.

  • No electronic visa application accepted.
  • It must be physical sing.
  • Fill out the entire form and submit it to concern officer.
  • Standard visa process takes 3 to 4 working days. But, it is also base on the individual or visa type.
  • Application form can download in two languages English and Dari.

 Tourist Visa Requirements:

 Afghanistan also issue VV (visit Visa) for those foreigner, who are interested in sports competition, tourism, visit to relatives and friends, exhibition and also visit to holy places of saints in Afghanistan.

Fee And Duration Details:

According to international cost of visa it’s depend on duration of visit.

The fee for single entry visa valid for a maximum of three months is cost USD 160. If the visa has expired fine will be charge USD 2 per day and next month it charges will increase USD 2 to USD 5. All fine have to pay at exit time.

Business Visa Requirements:

Afghanistan issue BV (Business Visa) for foreigner on the basis of some terms and conditions. Issuance of visa in for the purpose of business, investment, marketing, corporate affair, selling and buying property, commercial events and other issue.

  • Applicant must have to appear.
  • One photo of white back ground with size of 4*5 and without boarder pasted with gum.
  • Copy of Passport & NIC on same page.
  • Letter of nomination required by the director of company.
  • Recognized chamber’s membership certificate copy.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • NTN (National tax number) copy.
  • One set copy all mention documents.

(Note): All documents must be attested by the Commercial Attaché of the Embassy. And, above all Requirements for Business (Multiple Six Months & One Year Visa).

Fee And Duration Details:

Not exact cost of visa available online on official website for Islamic republic Pakistan but according to international cost of visa we can assume. Fee for three months multiple visas is US $30 and six months multiple visas cost is US $80, one year multiple visas cost to US is $160, two years multiple visas cost to US is $250, and three year visa cost is US is $300 equivalent to Afghani currency. Extension of one year in visa will cost US $15.

Student Visa Requirements:

SV (student visa) issue by afghan official for those students who want to study or want to do research under the government of Afghanistan.

Fee And Duration Details:

If student have government scholarship the fee will be according to privilege.

Permanent Resident (PR) or Resident Visa Requirements:

Permanent visa details are not available at website of Afghan Official website, for more details contact given blew address of Afghan embassy, however for short time resident visa for those, who are already in Afghanistan.

Fee And Duration Details:

For short time residence visa/permission can take on the foreign nationals holding ordinary passport, for the Ministry of Interior. Duration of this type permission one month to six month or can be extend on need.

Work Visa Requirements:

Basically Purpose of this visa is that, if someone wants to do business, commercial commerce and industrial work or wants to work with government, non government organization. So he can acquire this visa by this process.

Fee And Duration Details:

This kind of visa can be obtained from consulate section of Afghan ministry of foreign ministry. If someone is employ of company or sponsored, so he has to contact directly office of Ministry of foreign affairs. Moreover this type of visa can extend by Ministry of Interior.

Transit Visa:

Transit visa is special kind of visa issue for that route purpose. Process of this visa is very easy; this visa type is issued by Afghan Missions aboard for foreign nationals. Time period of this is 72 hours air passengers and six days for those who travel by land.

E-visa/visa on Arrival Requirements:

E-visa service and visa on arrival update is not available on afghan official website, for father detail and any query contact on given below address.

For more details contact at the following address & numbers:

Facebook Afghanistan:

Twitter Afghanistan:


Official website Pakistan:

Embassy of Afghanistan, Islamabad:

Address: Islamabad Centre A.K.M. Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Islamabad.

Hours: 8AM–4PM

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