Millat Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

Millat ExpressMillat Express train was launched on 10 November 2004 by Mian Shamim Haider who is the Federal Minister for Railway’s. Millat is an Urdu word which means nation. Earlier the train used to run between Karachi and Faisalabad but later on its route was changed from Karachi to Sargodha. Millat Express train is among those trains that are fastest and economical ion Pakistan. It covers distance of 1,251 kilometers daily in 19 hours from Karachi to Sargodha. Millat train gives the facility of catering, baggage, sleeping arrangements, seating arrangements and economy class to the passengers. The train departs from Karachi passing through Hyderabad, Rohri, Khanewal, Faisalabad and reaches at Sargodha.

Karachi Cantt to Rahim Yar Khan

Millat Express train 17 UP departs daily from Karachi Cantt at 16:30 taking its passengers and passess through Drigh road, Hyderabad Junction at 18:40, Nawabshah, Mahrabpur, Rohri Junction at 23:05, Sadikabad at 01:34 and Rahim Yar Khan at 01:56. The train stops at Rohri Junction for about 25 minutes where passengers mostly buy eatables and other stuff.

Rahim Yar Khan to Faisalabad

The train leaves from Rahim Yar Khan at 01:58 passing through Bahawalpur at 04:11, Jahina, Khanewal Junction at 05:45, Abdul Hakim, Shorkot Cantt Junction, Toba Tek Singh at 07:48, Gojra at 08:14 and at the third largest city of Pakistan Faisalabad at 09:25. The train stops at Faisalabad for thirty minutes.

Faisalabad to Malakwal

The train departs from Faisalabad at 09:55 and passes through Chak Jhumra Junction, Chiniot, Shahinabad Junction, Sargodha Junction at 12:15, Bhalwal and reaches Malakwal at 14:00.

Malakwal to Khanewal Junction

Millat Express train 18 DN departs from Malakwal at 11:00 and passes through Bhalwal, Sargodha, Shahinabad Junction, Chiniot, Chak Jhumra Junction, Faisalabad, Gojra, Toba Tek Singh, Shor Kot Cantt, Abdul Hakeem and Khanewal Junction at 18:55. The train stops at Sargodha Junction for 20 minutes.

Khanewal Junction to Karachi Cantt

The train departs from Khanewal Junction at 19:15 and passes by Jahania, Bahawalpur, Raahim Yar Khan, Sadikabad, Rohri Junction, Mahrabpur, Nawabshah, Hyderabad Junction, Landhi Junction, Drigh Road and reaches its destination Karachi Cantt at 08:45.

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