Beaches in Balochistan for Tourists, A Complete Guide!

The coastline of Balochistan is known for exotic beaches which are famous tourist and picnic points not only for people of Balochistan but also for Karachi & other parts of Pakistan.

There are numerous beaches on Makran Coastline but only few have modern facilities but despite lack of facilities the sea shores of Balochistan are famous for clean water, amazing view and different types of beaches.

Check this map of the coastline which stretches from Karachi till the Iranian Border, this contains dozens of beaches while till now only a few are known to the world. The easily accessible road also means you can visit these beaches without any guide or tourist operator.

Gadani Beach:

gadani balochistan

If you are travelling from Karachi then the first beach which you will find on your way is Gadani Beach. It is located in Lasbela district and is the first beach among famous beaches of Lasbela.

Gadani is known for its rocky beaches and strong waves which is very different from other beaches of Balochistan.

Gadani balochistan

In recent years after discovery of more beaches on the coastline it’s attraction is decreased, but if you haven’t been to this beautiful place then it’s worth a visit.

Sonmiani Beach:

balochistan beaches

Among the most famous beaches of Lasbela is Sonmiani Beach. There are multiple beaches in Sonmiani including Sonmiani Air Defence Beach, SUPARCO Beach and Damb beaches.

While the first two beaches have limited access the beaches on Damb are open for public. Including the famous beaches of Miani Hor where you can even find dolphins.

beach near karachi

The beautiful sandy beaches, white crabs and vast Arabian Sea makes it a perfect place to spend your summer vacations.

Kund Malir:


Among the most famous, attractive and magnificent beaches in Balochistan is known as Kund Malir.  It’s part of Hingol National Park which is known for its historical Rani Mandir, Princess of Hope, Sphinx and mud volcano.

So if you want a beach with history, culture and multiple attraction then Kund Malir should be your choice. Your you will find hindu pilgrimages, natural habitat such as deer and spectacular mountains and hills.

You will find modern huts, hotels, restaurants and guest rooms in Kund Malir. These all were established in recent years after Kund Malir emerged as one of the most famous tourist locations in Pakistan.

Ormara Beach:

ormara sea

Ormara Beach is another gem located on Makran Coastal Highway, which is known for Benazir Point (Hammerhead) which is the highest altitude on the Makran Coastal Belt.

benazir point ormara

Seeing the clouds under your feet is a worthy moment, along with the mesmerizing view of the Arabian Ocean. Ormara Resort Beach was one of the first resorts which were built to facilitate tourists.

Pasni Beach:

pasni beach balochistan

In Gwadar district the least known beach of Pasni is also a worthy place for visit, especially the Jabl-e-Zareen which is famous for its golden sand dunes.


The fishing port and town lacks any facilities, increasing population is also damaging the natural beauty of the beach but a few minutes walk from the town offers you some amazing sights.

Astola Island:

astola island pasni

If you are searching for a magnificent remote island with clean blue water, sandy beaches, jelly fish and remoteness then Astola Island is the place for you.

Located on a 3 hour distance from Pasni through boat this place will definitely amaze you. People who visited this area shared photos on social media which has made it a famous place in Pakistan.

Camping on the island, bonfire and BBQ will be one of the most memorable events of your life. Currently no scuba diving is available in the area as it was declared Pakistan’s first marine protected area.

Pishukan Beach:

pishukan gwadar

Pishukan Beach is another hidden gem of Balochistan which despite its beautiful beaches has lacked any tourist. Though local baloch people from nearby villages and towns do visit the place but till now it has failed to emerge as a picnic point.

Jiwani Beach:

jiwani balochistan

Beaches in Jiwani are known for their sunsets, Victoria Hut is also located nearby which was built by British Forces during Second World War. There is an also airport which was used during the second world war by British Air Force and their allies.

Daran Beach:

makran coast

Daran Beach is famous for being a nesting place of green turtles, it is located in Jiwani and can be easily accessed.

Being a remote part has helped the beach to maintain its beauty while other beaches in Jiwani have lost their charm due to pollution.

There are many other beaches such as Gunz which are yet unknown to the world but it is expected that in next few years the coastline will emerge as a new tourism market after development work of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Moola Chotok Khuzdar

The better security situation has also helped the area to attract visitors, just like Moola Chotok which was once a no go area but is now a major attraction because of its waterfalls.

The charges, cost and rates for packages of these areas will differ as per the tourist operator but small trips up to Kund Malir usually cost Rs. 3,000 while trips to Gwadar and Daran cost up to Rs. 15,000 on average.

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