Broghil Valley Chitral Location, Map & Pictures

Broghil Valley Chitral

Broghil Valley is a beautiful valley and trekking place in Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is still not popular among tourists as many other places and location in Pakistan.

If you are searching for some unique landscapes then it is the place for you because it contains everything for you such as lush green plains, gigantic lakes and snow capped passes.

While other places such as Kumrat Valley and Sharda (Azad Kashmir) are known among tourist, this place is still not fully explored.

Broghil Valley Location & Map:


Broghil Valley is part of Broghil Valley National Park which is located at a distance of 250 kilometers from Chitral city. It is mostly a mountainous area with an elevation between 3,280 meters to 4,304 meters.

There are two entry points to Broghil Valley which are Ishkomun in Gilgit-Baltistan and from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Most tourists travel through Ishkomun to reach the famous Karomber Lake.

Check this Google map to know the exact location of the beautiful valley:

The Broghil Festival:

festival in Broghil valley

Each year during July the Broghil festival is celebrated in the area which is the best time of summer to visit the scenic valley. The festival contains some unique competitions which include yak polo, yak race, free-style polo, buzkashi and horse race.

The Chiantar Welfare Society Broghil organizes the event itself, with government support it can emerge as a famous festival for foreign tourist just like Shandur Festival. What makes this unique is that all this happens at above 13,000 ft from sea level.

Karomber Lake:

Broghil Valley lake

Broghil Valley receives heavy snow fall in winter which makes it an isolated place, but when the snow begins to melt hundreds of lakes are formed. Many of these lakes are permanent but are frozen during winter.

One of the most famous lakes in Broghil is the Karomber which is the most visited place by tourist in the valley. The crystal clear water, the lush green area and mountains surrounding the lakes make it a mesmerizing place.

Karambar Lake

Karambar or Qurumber Lake is the 2nd highest lake in Pakistan which is known for the clean and clear water. The water clarity level of the lake is 13.75 (Secchi Disc Reading) which is highest value ever recorded in the literature of lakes in Pakistan.



The beautiful lakes and in Kashmanja are also unique as many are found in the snow covered caves.


Kashmanja is not only beautiful in the day light but also during the night when I can explore the glowing sky. The clean environment and the open space even makes the Milky Way visible for you.


Lashkargaz, Broghil Valley

The Lashkargaz area is also a place with beautiful sights for visitors, including many small lakes which increase the beauty of the place.

The green fields are a beautiful sight for tourists while for locals it’s a resourceful grazing field for animals including yaks on which they survive in this isolated place.

Darkot Pass:

Darkot Pass, broghil valley

The trek from Darkot Pass is considered rough but even it is filled with exotic views for the tourists.

It is an amazing tourist location with scenic view where you can enjoy some stress free days. As very few tourist have been to this place the pictures are limited and very few people know about it.

Trekking for hours and exploring the beauty of this isolated treasure will be something unique from a common man who is going for his first tour to a professional photographer who has traveled different countries.

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