Attestation of Documents from Embassy of UAE

United Arab Emirates is the most attracted country for mostly job seekers. People from almost all the countries can be seen in UAE. Most of the people go there in search of jobs. UAE is a very much developed country and especially the city Dubai is totally based on business.

The economy of the country either depends on oil or business. Due to these reasons it have to hire the most skillful and learned professionals from all over the world who can help the country in growing its economy and run it in the best way for further development of the country. A majority of the people residing in UAE are the citizens of Pakistan many in profession are doctors, engineers and business men.

In order to get the employees there are also certain criteria’s that should be fulfilled to get a job in the country. The criteria such as the attestation of documents are one of the main things. If the documents such as the degree and the visa of the applicant are not attested then there is no chance of getting a job.

To fulfill this goal the embassy of United Arab Emirates has recognized a few organizations only whose attestation will be accepted. In these organizations the H.E.C (higher education commission) for degrees starting from bachelors till above, IBCC for metric and inter degrees, ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan for all the other documents are included.

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