Badin Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

badin-express-trainBadin Express is a regular train that runs as a regular passenger train as a Pakistan Rail. The train carries the passengers between Hyderabad Junction and Badin Daily. It is a popular train that is serving the passengers for long. The stations it starts and ends are named as Hyderabad Jn number 179 up and Badin named 180 down. The stations and timings for arrival have been provided in detail here with respect to latest schedule available.

Timings from Hyderabad to Khathar:

Train starts its journey from Hyderabad Jn at 17:10, and then it heads to Zeal Pak and reaches there at 17:17, then Khathar at 17:34.

Timings from Khathar to Matli:

Train continues from Khathar and reaches Tando Muhammad Khan at 17:58 from where it departs at 18:00. After this the next station train reaches is Matli at 18:23 from where it departs at 18:25.

Timings from Matli to Badin:

Train heads from Matli to Palh where it reaches at 18:43 then Talhar at 19:05 and the final station that train reaches is of Badin at 19:40. Here the train stops for next trip.

Timings from Badin to Kotri:

The train starts at Badin at 06:00 and reaches Hyderabad Jn at 08:30. Stations in between are in reverse order to the mentioned above. So the train goes exactly in reverse order in order to reach Hyderabad from Khathar.

Note: The train doesn’t travel on Sundays and general holidays. Fare and prices of ticket are subjected to change which must be inquired from concerned train department.

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