Badar Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

Badar Express TrainBadar Express is a train running on shorter distance for connecting Lahore with Faisalabad and numerous other smaller towns. The train operates daily and completes its run in 2 hours and few minutes time. The convenient timings of the train makes it very easy for passengers to commute especially for those who are Faisalabad natives but working in Lahore can make it to their offices easily as the train reaches Lahore at 07:55am in the morning.

Likewise the ease for those who have to travel to Faisalabad the train leaves Lahore at 19:15 usually till than everyone is free from office/business. The convineance is also there for living in small towns from where the train passes while covering the miles. The train leaves Lahore junction at 19:15 for Faisalabad making a two minutes stopver at Qila Sheikhupura junction and after that a one minute stopover at Farooqabad and Safdarabad. The trainreaches Sangla Hill junction at 20:42 and pulls over for two minutes after that a two minute stop at Chak Jhumra junction followed by arrival at Faisalabad at 21:35 in the night.

The journey of Badar Express from Faisalabad to Lahore starts at 05:30 in the morning. The train sops at Chak Jhumra after travelling for 20 minutes for a two minutes stopover, continuing its journey the train stops for two inutes at Sangla Hill Junction afterwards. Safdarabad is the next station where it stops for two minutes followed by Bahalike where the stopover is of four minutes. The train makes a one stopover at Farooqabad station and a two minutes stopover at Qila Sheikhupura junction and finally reaches Lahore junction at 07:55 in the morning.

Contact Train Headquarters in Lahore of Pakistan Railway at Phone +92-42-99201941for inquiring pricing of tickets.

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