Baby Was born With Four Hands and Legs Called “Bhaqwan” in India

New Delhi: A child was born with four hands and four legs in India; a baby has made confusion in West Bengal. Family members considered him as God. They said that if they thought that nothing less than God.

Majority of Hindu considered this baby as “Bhagwan” because of the extra organs like Hindu Bhagwan. It is very alike with their idol.  In the city of West Bengal many people were visiting to see just a sight of the baby born.  Local police were facing an emergency situation that has complexity in handling the people who are trying to go to the hospital. Even they are ready to smash all the fences.

Baby born with four arms and four legs has been called God Boy

A child was born with four hands and four legs in India

Doctors said about two extra hands and two extra legs baby that it is a child, not a God at all. Actually it was a twin baby boy and it did not make all the way up. The child’s family is very pleased and they thought that it was a symbol of God which had four arms and four legs.  People broke the barriers in order to see the child. Police spokesman said that they did not allow anyone to destroy the law and order situation.

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