Online Harassment Of Pakistani Women Twist Into Real World Violence

womenWomen in Pakistan are facing Harassment complaints on the Internet. They are setting off real world aggression against them, such as Facebook and Twitter are running too slowly to stop it, internet rights for All Pakistan. Women face online dangers globally, but there are single risks in Pakistan, where it is a custom of men assassination women seen as having hurt a family’s honour, besides disciplinary laws against blasphemy.

With law enforcement too fragile to clash the fighting flashed by online campaigns, users want huge internet firms to squash greater defence for users, from reforming how they handle

complaints to faster measure action against threats of violence. “These technologies are serving to decrease violence against women, not just reflecting it,” said Gul Bukhari. A lot of the crime we have evidence would not have been likely without using of these technologies.”

More than 170 complaints of cyber-crime against women this year in Punjab have been reported, the Federal Investigation Agency said. Not a single case was successfully put on trial because women generally went for compromise with the suspect, said Syed Shahid Hassan. As police hardly ever act when women are stressed and harassed online, few cases are reported. Twitter and Facebook made it simple to complain abuse but more requires to be done, said Bukhari.

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