Launch Complaint against Bank Via Mohtasib Complaint Form

Banking Mohtasib pkSince the increase in number of Banks in Pakistan especially the privatization boom and evolution of privates bank as well, not only the number of Banks has increased but also the number of products and services offered by the banks has increased many folds. In 2005 Banking Ombudsman was established as a separate statuary organization with the purpose of resolving and settling banking related disputes amongst the banks and consumers.

The filler of the complaint (i.e. the consumer) needs to ensure few things before filling the complaint. Firstly the consumer should inform the bank in writing regarding the problem faced by him/her and also communicate that you (the consumer) will go to the Banking Ombudsman if the complaint is not resolved or satisfactory steps are not taken within 45 days (which is a period allowed to bank by law). After 45 days of communicating to the bank, if the bank has not replied or has not taken any satisfactory steps then the consumer has the right to file a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman or Banking Mohtasib.

The consumer needs to fill a form, which requires the filer to fill in basic information along with the some information of the bank the consumer is facing issues with; the filer needs to make sure that copy of the letters (the letters which were exchanged between the bank and consumer) are attached along with an attested copy of CNIC. The form can be downloaded from here.

The form along with the required documents should be sent via mail to The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan’s office which is located in Karachi the address of the office follows:

The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan,

located in Shaheen Complex on the 5th Floor.

M R Kiyani Road.

Postal: 604.


Email for further queries and information:

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