Algerian Singer Refuses To Sing In Israel In Solidarity With Palestinians

singerAlgerian singer Souad Massi refused to perform in Israel in solidarity with the civilians killed in Gaza, reported Thursday the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram. “Every time I get an invitation from that city, I refused for the simple reason that I sing for peace in the world, while the Israeli government does not do much to achieve that goal. It is important to say that there are Israeli citizens who are strongly opposed to the policies of their country and advocate respect for the right to life, but I will never sing for them on their soil, “Said Massi to al-Ahram.

“As a singer with the principles I have the right not to perform on stage in a country that kills young children, housewives, pregnant [and] elderly women. A country whose soldiers shoot at anything that moves, especially the most vulnerable, “she said.

The artist who claims to “sing for peace,” said that artists should not “merely” to rhetoric or financial contributions to the countries affected by war, but also “sing in conflict areas in Gaza for example, in the prisons of Guantanamo and the plains of sub-Saharan Maghreb.”

Massi sings in French and Arabic. She became famous after his song “Rawi” released in 2001 and was nominated in the category ‘”Newcomer of the Year” at the Radio 3 World Music Awards in 2002.

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