How My Lost Passport Was Found at Karachi Airport?

While coming back to Pakistan from  United Arab Emirates (UAE) Via Emirates Airline On 2 October 2017 at 4:25am, I lost my Passport at Jinnah International Airport, I was unaware at that time because I was tired and sleepy so I didn’t checked my handbag after reaching home.

When I came back home from work I found out that my passport is missing, so I called my cousin to look into his car after searching he told me that he is unable to find my passport in his car, then I rushed towards Airport after asking from ASF, CUSTOMS, FIA finally reached at CAA Information desk Upon inquiring the guy sitting their called someone and told me that they have 2 Lost Passports but he didn’t told me that they have my passport too then he routed me to CAA Vigilance Office to fulfill Requirements when he used term requirements I got confirmation that they have my passport thats why he is asking me to fulfill requirements then I rushed towards CAA Vigilance Office and was praying ” Allah karay yeh khuwar na karwayen” When I reached office I met Mr Ghulam Hussain Asif ( Incharge ) he was so kind & soft spoken person while talking to him I feel relaxed then another staff member asked some questions then Mr Asif handed over my passport another staff member took a picture.

I requested him  asked me to sit and then he asked “Beta Kia Kartay Hou” I told him about Myself And then he said “ALLAH Pak Apsay Raazi Hai Warna Itni Rush Wali Jaga Say Passport Miljana Asan Nahi Hai, Allah Pak Apko Kamiyab Karay, Zikar Kartay Raho Hamesha Kamiyab Rahogay”.

While Leaving he asked me for receiving, I thanked him for his kindness while shaking hand he stood up, hugged me and said “Khush Raho Beta ALLAH HAFIZ”

By Muhammad Ali Murtaza

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