Abroad Pakistanis Can Use Pension Scheme

By the declaration of Overseas Pakistan Foundation’s mandate which is to work exclusively for abroad Pakistanis by introducing for them a new scheme of pension. The scheme of self contribution is planned only for the Pakistanis living abroad. They said that they were aware of the feelings of abroad living Pakistanis which it to grant financial security and stability to the dear ones in their motherland that is Pakistan.

The eligibility to get pension from the pension scheme provided by the OPF is that any Pakistani who is living abroad and is registered as a member with overseas Pakistani foundation is able to apply for the pension scheme. While those Pakistanis living out of country who have not registered to OPF can now be a member by filling the membership form with a fees of only Rs. 2,000/-.

Some further information regarding the pension plan is that to become a member there is no specific age demand; any person living abroad can join this scheme. There is an option to take more than one membership. There is a maturity period for the payment of pension. The payment will even continue after the death of the member to his family and children. If the plan is to be ended then the primary payment with the profit will be given to the legal owners of the member.

As there are two plans of pension payment conventional and Islamic pension payments. In Islamic pension payments on the death or any disability no immediate pension will be paid, it will only be given at the prescribed time. If the member wants to leave or depart from the scheme he can easily do that after or before maturity.

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