The Story Of The Man Who Challenged The Quran But Ended Up Accepting Islam

dr gary millerToronto: There have always been many non Muslim scholars who have challenged the authenticity of the Quran and laid baseless accusations upon it, and have refused to accept their lies even after they have been uncovered. But a recent effort by renowned Canadian mathematician and philosopher Gary Miller to uncover the flaws in the Quran revealed results which surprised both Miller and other Islamic scholars.

The different thing about Dr Millers research was that he did not approach it as a religious scholar but from the point of view of a mathematician and philosopher. Professor Miller was a devout Christian and had a keen interest in preaching as well. He decided to investigate the claims of fallacy against the Quran raised in 1977 hoping to prove the Quran as false but his research made him believe that this book really wasn’t the work of a human mind and he embraced Islam after this knowledge.

Dr Gary Miller found the claims that Prophet Mohammad Pbuh created the book himself to be completely false because he found that the Quran did not discuss the Prophet’s qualities or his family and friends in great detail. If it had been written by any human it would have focused on that persons self and his objectives which is not the case.

Dr Miller also found the teachings of the Quran to be valid not only for the past but for current generations as well. He was so impressed by his findings that he embraced Islam in 1978 and changed his name to Abdul Ahad.

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