5 Year Iqama Plan Implements : Saudia Arabia

Foreign investors and guest workers have provided the government’s reported plan to concern resident permits (iqamas) for five years in place in Saudia Arabia. They said the move would increase the Kingdom’s economic development. Siddeek Ahmed said that this was an enormous step on the part of the government and would have a marvelous force on businesses. While reacting to the Passport Department’s plan to put into practice a proposal to make longer the iqama validity from one to five years.

Maj. Gen. Sulaiman Al-Yahya said that there was a plan to alter the name of iqama to resident ID and make bigger its validity up to five years. According to sources that he forced that the proposal would be acted on shortly. He said that the department was also learning a proposal to make bigger the validity of Saudi passport to 10 years.


Col. Mohammed Al-Hussain knew when the five-year iqama would be acted on, but he said he did not keep any more details. According to sources that the proposal would be acted on soon after its approval by Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naif. Al-Yahya’s statement was extensively highly praised. “The extension of iqama to five years would give job security to expats. Siddeek Ahmed said that It would also help contracting companies to accomplished their projects on time.

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