How Pakistani Citizens Can Attest Their Degrees For Saudi Arabia

Attested LogoSaudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producing country in the world and due to this fact, many citizens of different countries go there for jobs and businesses. Pakistani citizens also go there in a large number to find jobs according to the requirements. There are some professions in Saudi Arabia by which Pakistani or other nationals can apply for family visa and live there along with family. If you want to change your profession on your Iqama, you must have to attest your degree in this regards. So here we are explaining the procedure to attest your degrees.

Degree Attestation Procedure For Saudi Arabia

  • First of all, make sure that your name mentioned on your degree is matched with the name written on Iqama. If your name doesn’t matched, you would first have to correct this mistake.
  • Get two letters from your company in Saudi Arabia requesting Saudi Embassy and Cultural Office in your country to attest the degrees. Your name, current profession, desired profession and date of joining in the company must be written in that letter.
  • Now send these letters to Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Office along with your degrees. Before this, you must have to attest your degrees from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and HEC in your home country.
  • Send original letters, copy of your visa, copy of your Iqama, copy of your passport and your original degrees to your relative or family members and they can easily get attestation.
  • The services of agents could also be availed in this regards with the fee of around 300 Saudi Riyal.
  • Now get back your attested degrees in Saudi Arabia and handover it to the Mandoob in your company and he will do the further work on it.
  • You would have to pay the fee of change of profession, which is around 1000 Saudi Riya.
  • You doesn’t need to attest your degree if you have Saudi degree to apply for family visa.

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