3D Cameras Allows Hands Gesture to Control Computer Screens

Science has been moving towards great achievements and innovations day by day since many years due to which people are meeting with unexpected advancements. Similarly, 3D cameras have now invested which are allowing hand gestures to control computer screens which even cannot be imagine before.

A United Kingdom based software developer has invented 3D camera through which he can touch things outside the computer screen. They are specifically designed for gaming world so that gamers can be able to touch objects physically while accessing 3D control. According to software developer Lee Bamber, 3D cameras and other initiatives are one of the best things through which can scan real life objects as these innovations are increasing our communication ways with computer.

However, 3D cameras which looks like small in size are set to sense depth with the help of two lenses and computer records our three dimensions in order to allow us to meet with three dimensional environment in the computer. It was not easy before to make different hand gestures while playing game as gaming is becoming more interesting these days due to several innovative tools.


Here are some other innovative gaming devices and tools which make gaming more interested and fun fill.

Razer Hydra:

Razer Hydra is known as first ever motion sensing gaming controller which allows users to experience motion sensing technology while getting fast response and connectivity.


Logitech G27 Racing Wheel:

It is another amazing invention for all the racing lover who can experience speed, breaks, gears and turning of steering wheel with the help of dual motor force comprised in it.


Logitech G27 Gaming Handset:

This modern gaming handset has designed in order to provide pleasure to multi players who which they can concentrate on their game separately while passing commands to other player clearly.

Logitech G27 Gaming Handset

Cyborg amBX:

Do you want to feel same environment and lightening just like your gaming screen? Then nothing can be greater than Cyborg amBX which is set to provide matching lightening to your room as lightening of your room will change according to your game lightening.

Cyborg amBX


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