Facebook Testing New Feature

Facebook is working on a feature that will allow your friends find out your old posts easily. According to sources, the company is bringing a new feature for the Facebook app that will let people find out their friend’s posts. People will easily come through old posts on pages or posts they “like” or “comment”. So if you posted a silly couplet in past, this feature would make it more convenient for your friends to bring it up. They just need to search for it.

Facebook is trying to improve the features that make an improvement to search on mobile. Through this test you can use keywords to find posts. This tool is only available to some people now.  If you would like to watch old posts related to your friend Nouman’s wedding, you would search for “Nouman’s wedding.” It is not like that Facebook is trying to threaten Google’s search business, but the public networking site can make it more easier for your friends to search posts from your history.



Facebook introduced “Graph Search” last year. “Graph Search” let you find people based on their location, job, education, “liked” pages and more. People were anxious when it became clear you could find for things like “employers of people who like racism.” This new search feature shouldn’t be quite as enveloping as Graph Search, but we would suggest deleting any doubtful old status updates. Your past may come back to disturb you soon.


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