16 Air Hostess Of PIA Are ‘Missing’ In Canada

pia_airlinesIslamabad: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the air hostess and team Members all most 16 international airlines in the history five months have been missing  after Canada. According to reports in last month, four of the Pakistan International Airlines PIA air hostess went out from the hotel, the flight team members remained.

Furthermore, they have not arrived the return flight. The spokesman said that return to Canada has been started punitive action against employees. Further, these Members would get any action against the International Aviation laws. 16 air hostesses went to Canada vanishing is thought to be due to the cash- banded Pakistan International Airlines PIA fights. 17 thousand employees of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aviation company, but they are just 36 aircraft, of which 10 because of lack of extra are not capable to take off.

According to sources that the vanishing of Pakistan International Airlines PIA employees’ regulation them and lack of proper training is also criticized and indicated. So it is probable that because of the economic crisis has clogged in Canada to look for other alternative. Please tell the last month of PIA air hostess and team Members by customs officials at the iPhone 6, was detained or arrested for smuggling. Additionally, a week before the Milan airport Pakistan International Airlines PIA air hostess was arrested with 9 kg drugs.

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