Muslim Resident Of New York To Get Million Dollars For Being Called Bin Laden

osamaNew York:  A Muslim resident of New York will get 4 to 7 million dollars in compensation by an American security guard for calling him a terrorist. Osama works at an American store for lady’s clothing and was busy in his chores, when the security guard named James Robinson started expressing his anger against the Arabs and insulted them in front of Osama, as he also belonged to Yemen. He also threatened Osama and told him to go back to Yemen.

Osama was also beaten by the security guard which resulted in a fracture of his cheek bone, while also sarcastically calling him bin Laden. Osama lodged a complaint against the security guard in the court and pleaded the court to punish James for his brutal act. He said that James not only insulted him, but his people also for deeming them as terrorists.

The court penalized James Robinson with a 4 to 7 million dollars fine payable to Osama. The store owner, Victor Levy, at which Osama worked supported the security guard in his stance and said that his comments didn’t violate any regulations of his company and that calling Osama by the name of Bin Laden was normal.

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