India launched Campaign for Bad Beef Effects on Environment

anti-beef campaignNew Delhi: India has launched campaign for bad beef effect on environment with the aim to stop people for eating cow’s meat. The anti-beef campaign was started with the reference of the reports of some experts in which it has claimed that meat has severe effects on environment. Hindus tried their hard to convince everyone regarding bad effects of eating beef in their anti-beef campaign as they don’t want anyone to eat cow’s meat because they used to worship cow.

With the help of posters and billboards in most of the cities in India, it has claimed that Beef is not good for health while giving reference to the Islamic Holy book Quran. Hindus also claimed in their campaign that Quran says that beef is not good for health. Meanwhile, Muslims who are used to eat cow’s meat claimed that it is not written anywhere in the Quran that meat is unhealthy for health as it causes several diseases.

Similarly, Former chairman Delhi Minorities Commission Kamal Farooqui also claimed that it is not right to anything with Quran without any proof as Hindus are not allowed to misquote holy book. However Hindus are propagating negatives uses of beef through their campaign as they believe cow as sacred animal and a source of food and symbol of life which should not be killed in any way. It is worth mentioning that most of the holy Hindus arope used to target Muslims because they are used to eat cow’s meet.

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