Sita White & Imran Khan Secret Relation

Imran Khan and daughterSita White, who has been stating that she has a daughter from Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehrek e Insaf PTI and former Pakistan cricket captain, is now supposedly attempting to legally alter the surname of the 21-year-old daughter Tyrian to his. Imran, a member of the Pakistan National Assembly, has always rejected that he is the father of an illegal child. But Sita White, daughter of the late millionaire manufacturer Lord White of Hull, has been said in a daily saying: “Tyrian requires a name change.

“It is a obligation by the American courts to keep at least attempted for Imran’s permission.” Calling from her home in California, she said him, says Nigel Dempster of the Daily Mail: “We want him to participate”. Imran Khan has constantly forbidden fatherhood. But Sita White challenged him to get a blood test. In 1997, a US Judge ruled by defaulting that Tyrian was Imran Khan’s child after he unsuccessful turned up for trial.

Sita White, now around 51-year-old, says she only requires happiness for her daughter, who studied in a state school in Los Angeles. Sita White stated to have seen Imran at Tramp, the London niterie in 1986 and they dated off and on for several years. She stated that Tyrian was visualized on a last “night of love”.


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