Zong Is Ready To Launch 3G/4G Wingle and MiFi Devices

Zong 4GChina Mobile Company or Zong Is not only one of the largest company in telecommunication industry but it is also an only company which introduced both 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. Now this time Zong is ready to launch 3G/4G Wingle and MiFi devices for its customers. Both the devices will be launched this week and will provide customers an extra speedy internet services as per zong commitment. Customers not only enjoy fastest internet on their personal computers but also on their mobile phones.

According to the specifications provided by zong, 4G MiFi device had 4G LTE speed and it will be a user friendly device that can be used very easily. While 3G Wingle had 3G super speed and it can also be easily plugged in by the users. Both 4G Mifi and 3G  Wingle device has the ability to connect with maximum 10 other WiFi devices like Laptops, Smartphone and Tablets etc. Both the devices can be easily connected anywhere like in the USB power socket and USB car desk.

Interested people could have more details about both the devices and different packages on the website of Zong.

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