Google Announces $10 Million Prize For Power Inverter Inventor

googleSan Francisco: The world’s most popular technology and internet company Google has announced a 10 million dollar prize for the inventor of a power inverter. The power inverter will convert the DC current into an AC current which will be a unique concept, as it will simplify the power conversion process applied currently around the globe. Some are wondering that Google has went over board by announcing such a huge prize for the inventor, but Google thought the inventor was worthy of this prize, as his new technological invention will bring a new revolution in the power industry.

The conversion of the DC current to an AC current is also required for solar power, as solar power is generated in DC form. This inverter can also be incorporated in electronic devices. Google has given a lot of importance to this technology, because if this technology is successful, it will be a much better alternative to the current system and will be able to convert the DC current to AC current much effectively.

The scientists have defined this invention as a modem that is connected to a PC and is able to convert the electricity in the phone lines to computer signals. This type of inverter similarly will be able convert DC current on a large scale to AC current much faster than done before.

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