Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep – Europe Tourist Attraction

Zeugma-Mosaic-MuseumThe Zeugma Mosaic Museum is the world’s largest Mosaic Museum which has over 1700 meter square of mosaics. Second Mosaic Museum is the one located in Tunis. The mosaics present in the museum are quiet old and are known to be existing from the period of Alexander the Great. It is believed that the mosaics were collected then and organized into a form of gallery by a General of the Army of Alexander the Great.

According to the locals the foreign tourists who came to visit Zeugma from different European countries knew about the site as they had heard from the locals of Zeugma. It is known that in early times the Mosaic which were excavated illegally by the locals were smuggled to other countries and this illegal excavation and smuggling paced up when the locals came to know about the amount of money they can earn by doing so. Lately when the dam was planned on Euphrates River then the archeologists and research team who already were working on the project decided to fully excavate the area before it gets flooded.

The excavation and researched uncovered many of the mosaics but still according to archeologists and historians a considerable chunk of mosaics cannot be traced back to their specific source and facts cannot be ascertained about such artifacts. The Museum was opened for public in September of 2011.

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