holds a two-day property sales event in Karachi, attended by large numbers

Karachi: — Pakistan’s largest real estate enterprise — recently organized a Property Sales Event (PSE) at a private hotel in Karachi.

A total of 23 property projects were presented on the occasion, including Roomi Icon, Saeeda Residency, Aziz Excellency and Athar’s Aman Castle.

The projects showcased during the two-day property saga are all being exclusively marketed and sold by’s Senior Director Sales (South) Taha Mehmood was present during the event, and he was accompanied by Director Sales Shoaib Anees and other senior officials who offered exclusive insights about the real estate sector to the attendees.

Speaking to the media on the occasion,’s Senior Director Sales (South) Taha Mehmood said that the main objective of the property sales events is to provide people with guidance regarding the buying and selling of property under one roof.

He added that there are golden investment opportunities in the Karachi region and that any investments made in the property sector will provide good returns in the near future.’s Director Sales Shoaib Anees also took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the PSE and the local property sector, calling Karachi the economic hub of Pakistan.

He further said that the economic changes taking place in the city have an impact across Pakistan, which is why a PSE here will be beneficial for the whole country’s real estate sector.

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