Qatar Businessmen Should Avail Opportunity From Pakistan

Federal Minister of Trade and Industry Engr. Ghulam Dastaghir Khan met Qatar Minister of Economy and Commerce Sheikh Ahmed Bin Jasim Alsani. He also visited Qatar Chamber of Commerce and arranged productive meetings with head of Qatar Business Association.

Ghulam Dastaghir Khan said that Qatar businessmen can make investment in different sectors of Pakistan economy especially in energy infrastructure, food processing, agriculture, tourism and textile. Food processing is very lucrative opportunities in which Qatar companies can make investment with full confidence. As agriculture sector can be executed quickly they just need latest technology and investment.

Ghulam Dastaghir told that FIFA World Cup 2022 will open up an opportunity for both countries and business communities. It will create an opportunity especially in food, textile and construction. Pakistan business community will get great benefits from these opportunities.

By Talha Pasha

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