World’s Top 100 Airports, Not A Single Included From Pakistan

Singapore Changi AirportIn this modern world, the method to count the development of the country also includes the situation of the airports. That is why, World Airport Awards release the list of top 100 airports of the world every year after carefully analyzing all the aspects. According to the list of top 100 airports of the world in 2015 by the World Airport Awards, Pakistan does not have any world class airport. While our neighboring country India have 3 world class airports which are included in the list of world’s top 100 airports. 15 airports of United States of America, 9 airports of China, 6 of England, 5 of Germany, 4 of Canada and 3 airports of South Africa are included in this list.

According to this list, 2 airports from each country of United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, France, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Denmark and Austria are included in the top 100 airports of the world. However, 1 airport from each country of Turkey, Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia, Oman, Singapore, Taiwan, Finland, Hong Kong, Holland, Sweden, Thailand, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Luxembourg, Ireland, Poland and Peru, is included in the list.

Surprisingly, not a single airport of United States is included in the top 20 airports of the world, according to this list. However, Singapore Changi Airport is on the top of this list, with the best airport of the world.

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