Benazir’s Assassination Done By Musharraf On Bush’s Orders, Zardari Also Involved; Says Yousuf Raza Mujahid

benazir, musharraf, zardariIslamabad: Ameer of Bajour agency and Taliban Muhmind, Yousuf Raza Mujahid said that he condemned the posting of the increase in the security forces posted in the tribal areas and he demanded that the government to reinstate the original postings of the security forces as they were during the reign of Benazir Bhutto. He said about 25 NATO men had been killed to take revenge on the 11 Taliban men. He said the video will soon be released. He was talking to the local journalists on telephone from an unknown location.

Yousuf Raza also said that there was a lot if turmoil among the people about the increase in the security forces and that the government should immediately reduce the number of security forces in these tribal areas. He said that the people were ready to collaborate with the government, if it listened to them. He also condemned the accusation made by the government on Taliban and Al Qaeda of Benazir’s assassination. He said that Benazir’s assassination was committed on the orders of the former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf on the orders of the former American president George Bush and that Asif Ali Zardari was also involved in the attack.

Yousuf Raza also added that the former general Pervez Musharraf should have a trial in a Shariah court or he should be handed over to them so that they could hold his trial according to the Shariah. He said that as a revenge on the killing of 11 men of Taliban in Afghanistan on the orders of President Obama, his agency had assassinated 25 NATO personnel in the border area of Bajour agency and Afghanistan. He warned the Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Nawaz Sharif from any actions against the Taliban Mujahidin and said that his people were armed and ready to fight back and will continue their Jihad against the American security forces in Afghanistan until they depart.

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