Father Buries His Son Alive!

mustafaCairo: A recent report about a boy being buried alive has astonished people around the globe. This act of insanity was committed by a resident of Cairo who buried his child named Mustafa alive in a graveyard in Cairo. But fortunately for the boy, a passerby heard his screams from the grave and rescued the boy just in time.

According to reports, the man beat his child brutally and then dragged him to the graveyard to bury him, considering him dead. If it wasn’t for the passerby who heard the boys scream, the boy would have been gone. The passerby brought Mustafa back home to his mother. The mother after listening to her son’s story, immediately called the police and had her husband arrested.

The mother of the child said that she was shocked and was in a state of disbelief after listening to her son and was unconscious due to the shock that she received at the act of brutality f her husband. She said that her husband was abusive to her three children and didn’t deserve to be called a father. The police have arrested Mustafa’s father, who has confessed to his crimes.

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