Weird Measures Taken by a German Husband Over Separation

halfEvery Individual has his/her own way of expressing anger. A separated husband in Germany did something very different which actually was weird. After the separation from his wife he divided all his belongings into two halves one he sent to his ex-wife and one he kept for himself, well this dividing seems normal but actually the surprise element is how he actually divided all his belongings.

The interesting thing was the way he divided all his belongings into two equal halves. The desperate man took a weird step and cut all his belongings into two equal pieces by help of a saw. The things which he cut into halves include his car, his IPhone, Flat Screen TV, Couch and Bed along with chairs and other households.

After doing this strange division the desperate husband sent one of the half of everything to his ex-wife with whom he spent 12 years of his life. The man also uploaded the pictures of all half things in form of a video on YouTube which went viral moreover the man presented his half of the belongings for sale. Not only his YouTube video attracted thousands of viewers but he also got coverage in the International media.

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